How to Make Money from my YouTube Channel

Okay so you have a popular YouTube channel and now you want to monetize it? Or more likely you have a YouTube channel that you monetized and it ain’t paying JACK SQUAT! You are already aware that YouTube monetizing pays worse than a manufacture laborer working in a third world country! With this in mind you need to take things into your own hands, and as long as you keep playing the YouTube game your going to get horrible results when it comes to payday. Videos with views into the hundreds of thousands on YouTube only net a few dollars in ad revenue. That is absolutely horrible! So what do you do?

Well there are several things you can do like get sponsor’s to sponsor your program on YouTube and sell your own products, but hey, you already know this! And that is so time consuming! Come on we don’t have time to make videos and run a marketing department! So what can you do? Having your own self branded platform on the internet is 100 x better. I am not just pulling that number out of my hat, I mean it. You will make hundreds times more money for your viewers having your own platform than you would on YouTube. This means even if you only get a fraction of your audience to follow you over to your new channels you will still make enough money to actually justify being a video content producer!

Today there are so many platforms that can be monetized. Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhone TV apps, Android TV aps, Amazon Firetv and more. These platforms are available to everyone watching your YouTube content and asking them to check you out on your other channels will gain immediate viewers. Plus you will control the push notifications and subscriber list yourself, and not a third party like YouTube who can cancel your channel or pull the rug out from under you at any given moment.

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So how exactly do you monetize these channels? Assuming you have made the jump off YouTube to create your own apps and channels (We can give you turnkey packages to create your own online network) you can monetize using a third party advertising company. We have partnered with digital advertisers that will inject advertising into your video stream or VOD videos and get you paid every time someone sees it. Plus instead of receiving only a tiny percentage of this revenue from youtube you now get the majority of it yourself. The technical details can be a little much to write, BUT the basics are these digital add companies already have inventories of sold advertising ready to be inserted into your stream. The larger your audience the bigger your monthly checks. You only have to concentrate on getting viewers and the money will be there! This is a huge help for those that just don’t have the personnel to go out selling their own ads and managing their own marketing team.

Whats great about this method is that it not only works for your streams but it also works for your VOD content. Your content will then be injected with pre-roll ads and mid roll ads. So even while your sleeping and people are watching your videos, its generating income for you. If you want to make the jump from YouTube to your own online TV network and start earning then contact us and we can set you up with one of our turn key packages.