Push Publish Your Live Video Stream or Event

Broadcasting your live event or live stream to the world is now done through an array of platforms. You have your own platforms (your apps, ROKU channel, Firetv, and your website) plus you have a growing array of video audiences through your social media platforms, YouTube and more. This can cause quite a problem if your broadcasting a live event or live stream and want to publish your video to all your platforms simultaneously.

Before push publish you would need to have a software that could handle multiple publishing points but more specifically you would need to have bandwidth to accommodate all of those live broadcasts. Lets say your live stream is 4Mbps and you publishing to your own apps plus your YouTube and Facebook. You can see that would take 12 Mbps of upload speed at the minimum. Not a big deal if you are on fiber, but if you add more platforms you can see you will begin to eat up your upload bandwidth.

The solution obviously is if your CDN can do a Push-Publish. Simply meaning you send your video feed up once and then your CDN takes that feed and sends it to all of your publishing points. Simply meaning you have one upload that delivers to all your platforms. This makes is simpler for you technically on your end and much less bandwidth. Now that 12 – 20 Mbps upload only needs to be a 4Mbps upload. However that is just one aspect of push publishing the other aspect is Transcoding for all the different devices and screen sizes. You need the ability to transcode both to 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p and deliver at different bit rates best for each device.

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Depending on your level of service needs we can help you do all of your publishing needs. We create, develop video apps for Roku, Amazon FireTV, iOS, Apple TV, Android and Android TV. We can Push Publish your stream up to our CDN and deliver out to all of your social media platforms, your apps and website. We give you an easy to use control panel that you can use for push publish or to use any of our other services such as creating and scheduling playlists, managing VOD content and much more.

To be in the world of OTT (what I call Internet TV) you need an array of tools at your belt. Push publish is one of those tools that will make your job much easier. Its not easy because the world of video and Internet TV is rapidly changing and your constantly trying to hit a moving target. It is more and more difficulty to handle on your own. We have turn key packages and templates we have created for ROKU, Firetv, iPhone, Android and more. We can develop your own custom apps or use our already existing templates to get your project up and going. Use as much or as little of our services as you need.

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