5 Strategies Every Internet TV Network Should Use

strategies every TV network should use while more adults switch to internet TV

Over 82% of US adults claim that internet TV is much more entertaining than cable TV with millions of viewers moving towards subscribing to internet TV websites over cable and satellite options every year.

Whether you already own an internet TV network or you’re looking to start one, this is without a doubt, the most perfect time to be an internet TV network owner to earn millions in viewers and revenue.

To make sure your TV network reaches heights of success despite the tough competition within the industry, you can utilize some tips and strategies by learning a lot from existing networks and tried and tested strategies.

TvStartup realizes your need for guidance and that’s exactly why we’ve brought you this article featuring 5 of the most important strategies and tips you can use for your internet TV network to get fame and success in the industry. So, without wasting any time at all, let’s get to it right away.



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1. Offer New Viewers a Free Trial

One of the most important features every internet TV network and VOD website offers nowadays to attract bands of potential subscribers is a Free Trial. By offering a few days, weeks, or months of access to all or some content available on the network, organizations funnel out avid viewers that will eventually pay for the content.

The most common example of a free trial is the one offered by Netflix. With a single email, you can watch the first month of all available content for free. You’ll be charged from the next month onwards. And there’s no doubt it works like a charm. Millions out of the 222 million subscribers of Netflix have subscribed after taking the free trial, liking the content available, and then choosing to continue watching that content.

So, ideally, if you want your internet TV network or VOD website to attract millions of new audience members as well, you’re going to first have to attract them to your content by giving them a limited free trial, after which they’ll be charged monthly or whatever kind of monetization method your network uses (since there are multiple effective ones).

2. Allow Different Subscription Plans

By the end of 2022, the number of viewers in the SVOD industry is going to reach 1.4 billion. So, having subscriptions as a monetization option on your TV network is incredibly essential. But that’s not where you’re going to stop if you want to penetrate the entire viewer market.

The content viewer base is divided into different groups of people who can afford different monthly subscription packages. And a lot of TV networks make this mistake of not targeting the entire market by just offering a single subscription plan which ends up hurting them in the long run by blocking their expansion into lower-paying viewer bases.

Make sure you avoid the same mistake. Always offer multiple subscription plans to your audience members with different access rights and options so that your content can reach all the viewers, penetrating the entire market and offering viewership to all interested viewers. That’s one of the most important steps on the road to TV industry success for your TV network.

3. Regularly Update Content Library

If you’re the owner of an internet network, bear in mind that consistency is key without a single doubt. To get content viral, you’re going to have to keep restreaming it, uploading it, marketing it to the targeted audiences, and finally getting it available for everyone watching your content.

By constantly updating your content library, you’re going to be keeping the pages fresh and ready for new coming subscribers so that they don’t feel as if they’ve subscribed to a network that offers no actual new content at all.

This is definitely going to keep thousands of your current subscribers near your channel and bring millions of new ones to explore your channel as well. With the help of these millions, you can create your TV network’s very own legacy without any kind of forceful doing involved in it.

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4. Build a Strong Subscriber Community

A very important part of making it big in the TV industry is building a trustworthy community of subscribers who you can always rely on for being an active part of your periodic revenue. For this, you’re going to need to cultivate your subscribers and bring them to such a level in the first place.

Build a strong subscriber community on your internet TV network through giveways

There are multiple ways you can slowly but surely get subscribers to a point of loyalty where they become a part of your channel’s community and never think of cheating anymore. One of the most capable ways is through giveaways

By holding giveaways every month or a couple of months, you can make sure that the subscribers that aren’t voicing their requirements and the ones who are, are both kept happy and that your TV network has a strong built community at the end of the day that it can call its own.

5. Utilize Features than Fans Want

It’s a never-ending story. Netflix users want a playlist option for their profiles while YouTube users ask for a background play feature, but these high-end organizations seldom offer viewers what they ask for and newer updates and inclusions are mostly focused on performance and capabilities.

In an environment where all the competitors are avoiding creating features and options that the users want for their gains and benefits, your TV network can stand out and offer viewers what they want. There are a bunch of different features often discussed among forums and spaces that internet TV networks should offer but don’t.

You can include features content shareability, well organized categories that show of newly released and featured content, and making sure your video content is available on every device your viewers want to watch from, including the web, mobile, and TV apps. Developing these features and apps can be tough work but if you’ve got a high-quality OTT service provider like TvStartup, you’re not going to face any kind of problem whatsoever. So, make sure to use this strategy and further your success in the ever-growing TV industry.

Implement strategies for achieving success for your internet TV network

To implement all these incredible strategies for achieving surefire success for your internet TV network, you’re going to have to make sure you’ve got a CMS that offers all these capabilities and ease of customization of enabled features.

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Internet TV is getting bigger and bigger every day. So, get your internet TV network to the pinnacle of the industry with these amazing strategies.

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