9 Great Reasons to Start Your Online TV Network

Imagine your future: You are the owner of your own successful online network and your earning at least $10,000 a month, and all of it is passive income.

You spend your mornings cleaning up and editing your video content that you are inspired to make. You spend your afternoons interacting with your online fans and community and your highly respected in your niche. Your fans respect and cherish your opinions from countries around the world.

Sounds to good to be true?

Well I can tell you for sure its NOT.

In fact this is a reality for many video business owners (and believe me we know cause we work with them everyday).

The people who take their future into their own hands – many of them create Netflix style subscription style networks, because its based on a proven business model, and create their video business around the topic they love.

Some are entertainers, some are course-creators, inspirational speakers, and experts who have decided to start their own network or sell their videos online.

You are probably still wondering if this really can be true, but this reality can be yours….. its within your grasp.

Let me spend a little time showing you why;

There are some foundation reasons why Internet TV networks and Netflix style (subscription) business are spreading and growing like crazy.

Here are 10 of them:

  1. It makes money; Money is the name of the game in any industry and the Netflix style business model (selling videos for a subscription) is the most profitable and recognized business model. The average income for a Netflix style business is over 10,000 a month.

The average income generating from ad insertion can vary but we have personally seen this top 10,000 even 20,000 monthly for many of our customers.

Keep in mind this does not mean you start a Netflix style business or online network and instantly become rich, but it is a foundation to start with that is tried and tested.

  1. Your income Is Passive

Warren Buffet once said “If you can not find a way to make money while you sleep, You will work until you die”. Well thanks to the subscription business and dynamic ad insertions models you can make money while you are sleeping.

If you have subscribers they are going to pay you month in and month out, if you have ad insertion you will get advertising checks every month for those viewing your ads on your channel.

This gives you the income you need so that you can spend each day doing what you like best – creating great video content.

  1. You are recognized as a Expert

If you are a video creator in the online course creation or inspirational speaker you will be recognized as an instant expert in that field. When people see you have a library of video content in any particular niche they look at you as an authority.

  1. Complete Creative Control

This is a big one here…..when you have your own network no one is telling you what you can and can not create. There is no censorship and none telling you what you can’t do. You can create and promote what you want.

  1. Work From Home or Anywhere in The World

Choose anywhere in the world you want to live because the only thing that stopping you is your own creative vision. This is the beauty that video creators that have their own network realize: they can travel anywhere to make the content they want, and their network keeps making them money day in and day out.

  1. You Can Monetize your Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin fans and followers can all be directed to your network or Netflix style site. Your network is no longer bound by a geographical location, so it does not matter where your fans or followers are – you can still monetize them.

  1. Unlimited Customers

There is no limit to the amount of subscribers you can have with a online network because your inventory is digital. In other words….You cant sell out! It does not go out of date or style and you wont run out of seats.

  1. Viewers can View Your Content Anywhere

Desktop, Laptop, Smart TV’s, Roku, FireTV, your own Mobile phone TV aps, tablet etc….. You allow them to watch on whatever device suits them.

This allow you to reach much larger audiences. Roku alone has over 60 million devices sold and Amazon and Apple TV are nearing 30 million. There is a larger audience on internet TV than there is on cable and satellite combine. This means a constant new stream of new viewers and its only growing.

  1. Video is Future Proof

If you are not making videos chances are you will eventually be left behind and your leaving money on the table especially if you are in a professional niche that would benefit from a Netflix style subscription business mode.

The best time to create a online TV network is now. If your ready to get started the first step is to check out our “channel Manager” which is the core of any online TV network. You can do so by clicking here.

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