Apple TV: Inspiration to Expand Your TV Network!

Did you know that it’s reported Apple TV now has over 40-million users? More importantly, did you know that number is projected to rapidly increase in the next few years?

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If you want your content to reach audiences across the globe and see abundant channel growth with your own network on connected TV platforms, having your own channel app on Apple TV’s platform is a great opportunity to do so. Apple TV apps have built-in functionality for your on-demand/archived content, categories, scheduled broadcasts and live streams.  


Apple TV has become a leading platform in the streaming industry– providing trust, quality design and service, and dedicated users across its platform. 


Let’s take a deeper dive into Apple TV’s unique audience, and how it can give you the inspiration you need to share your content. 



Apple TV: What is it?

Apple TV is a highly-used media player (often referred to as an Apple Box)
with software programs and interfaces that allow devices to stream content from iTunes, co-partnered platforms, Apple TV+, and other channels.


In fact, the interface of Apple TV applications is currently so well-liked and appreciated by worldwide streaming services, that many other platforms try to deliver a similar interface. 


There is tough competition for Apple TV by Roku and Amazon Fire TV, but… other platforms just aren’t Apple. Dedication to quality has allowed Apple TV to stand out against other streaming platforms. Apple TV constantly provides its users with a premium experience, both functionally and visually.  


In December of 2020, it was reported that 109.1 million units of Apple Boxes had been sold...

Opportunity for Growth 

Apple’s mission for constant expansion gives content creators the momentum to grow their channel faster by allowing them to reach a more engaged , worldwide audience.

If you have an existing TV network on other big names like Roku or FireTV, expanding to Apple TV will enable your content to be seen by a new segment of living room viewers who you wouldn’t reach otherwise.

It’s a common trend for viewers to pick a connected TV box and stick with it as their preferred device. Many viewers who watch on Apple TV won’t watch on Roku, and the same applies for Roku viewers who are more unlikely to also be watching on Apple TV.

This means you can tap into a new audience you couldn’t reach if your content is only available on a single platform, and also gives your audience more options for watching your content from any device.



Well-Known and Trusted 

By now, it’s no secret that Apple takes both viewer’s and creator’s privacy very seriously. This is just one way that Apple TVs have built trust amongst consumers. Bringing users peace of mind has helped Apple develop a loyal user base.


Hence, having your own channel on Apple TV means that the viewers who find you organically may be more comfortable with your channel since they already trust the platform. 

This is a really important aspect to consider when starting your own TV channel. Launching on Apple TV to expand your network not only delivers users application privacy, but also confidence and credibility in your channel. And, let’s face it, credibility is a crucial element in growing your audience.  





Apple TV’s streaming boxes have dedicated processors that are designed to make things run as smoothly as possible. This, in part, is why they are a bit pricy compared to other interfaces.


Despite being costly though, Apple TV still has the 40-million users we talked about earlier… and they’re still growing! 


The point is that regardless of Apple TV devices being priced a bit higher than the competition, consumers will continue to use them because they are familiar, easy to operate, and well-liked. Essentially, Apple TV has already put out billions of dollars and done all of the heavy lifting when it comes to building a relationship with its users. 


Since this relationship has already been built, starting a channel on Apple TV gives content creators a leg-up when it comes to finding a quality audience for their channel. Like in every facet of life, quality will always trump quantity. However, and fortunately for those looking to start their channel, Apple TV has proven to have both. 






Apple’s Audience Loves to Subscribe 

Obviously, there’s already a huge, featured audience waiting for new content. I mean, did we mention the 40-million users?  


Furthermore, there’s another important factor when looking at Apple TV’s audience growth; the implementation of Apple TV+. 


Apple TV+ offers a selection of original production film and television series called Apple Orginals. While you might not be producing Apple Originals for Apple TV, understanding the exponential rise in users because of Apple TV+, will help you recognize how Apple’s audience is segmented.  


Apple TV+ has already accumulated approximately 20-million subscribers since its launch in 2019. Those are some major numbers to be pulling in only a 3-year time period. 


This proves that Apple TV users are consumers who are willing to subscribe to valuable content. They are always looking for the next captivating thing to hold their attention. The demand is clearly there. Now it’s just time to supply users with the content they so eagerly want.


As a content creator and artist, it’s obvious that Apple TV’s engaging and content-hungry audience is enough to bring those deep, pit-of-the-stomach butterflies most of us haven’t felt since we were children. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a great feeling to have. Enjoy it, and take inspiration in knowing that there are viewers out there who are willing to subscribe to a variety of worthy content channels. 


Why To Expand to Apple TV

Apple TV delivers easy-to-use functionality, assurance amongst its users, and a quality that is unmatched by its competitors. Most of us consumers know this from our own experience with the brand.


Apple TV makes the perfect platform for new and growing TV channels to expand past the #1 pick of Roku and it’s close competitor Fire TV, offering content creators a uniquely segmented audience. By getting your channel on Apple TV’s platform, you’ll be opening the gates to millions of potential viewers and followers—viewers who are willing to pay access to your valuable content.


Now it’s just time to create. 

Want to learn exactly how you can create your own TV channel?

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