Be your Own Roku – Brand your own Streaming Box

You can brand your own box with your own logo with your own channel lineups. In essence you can have your own Roku or FireTV box branded for your company. Seems like something that would cost millions, right? Well it does not.

This is the power of the Android TV OS. Android TV is a operating system designed for Smart TV’s and digital media players. It replaces Google TV and features are build with content discovery in mind allowing voice searches and content aggregated from various other media apps and services.

Since Android TV is an operating system that can be licensed it means you can brand your own box build and brand your own menus and splash screens. Meaning your box is completely white labeled and only has the content you want preloaded on it. When a customer turns on the box they see only your logo and content.

You can also add your own channel lineups so that you create in essence your own “cable box” but instead of cable its internet based. The best part is you can do this anywhere in the world with no geographical restrictions like Roku has. When you begin to think international the possibilities really start to open up; You could sell your own cable service anywhere in the world or just your own branded TV channel.

How does it work?

Well in an nutshell there are hundreds of manufactures that make the hardware box (streaming box) that can run the android TV OS. Each manufacture has its own hardware configurations with different processor speeds and memory. Picking the right manufacture will depend on the features you want your branded streaming box to include and how much hard drive space you would like (in case you want to include your own DVR ).

Once your hardware has been selected then you need to have your software created with the menu style you like and the content you would like preloaded on each box. This will give each box the look and feel you want. The manufacture can brand each box with your logo on the outside to give you a complete white-labeled look and feel.

There are several different profit models you can choose to monetize your box. For example you can choose to charge monthly subscriptions, charge local advertisers, sell the box at a profit and several other different strategies.

The bottom line is you can become the cable operator and monetize opportunity that others can’t see. This of course is the beauty of technology.

Our development staff specializes in android TV OS and can help you craft the perfect box. We have also worked with several manufactures and can help you get your streaming box with all the features needed for a cheap as possible. To manage your streaming box we can adapt a special version of our Channel Manager specifically to your needs and even have different tiers (For example Silver, Gold and Platinum subscriber levels)

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