Best Ways To Train Remote Employees

This day in age, the remote or work-from-home culture is growing. With a global economy as well as a demand for experienced employees that may not live close by, many businesses are choosing to hire workers in multiple locations. A phenomenon that is especially growing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more employees step away from offices, the need to properly train remotely becomes a priority. And, turning to digital methods of training has been the answer. 

At TvStartup, we are dedicated to helping organizations leverage all the tools they have available to them. Let’s take a look at the disadvantages and advantages of commonly used multi-location training strategies as well as how TV screens and private channels are changing the game. 

Training Online 

Online digital meeting spaces used for multi-location training are nothing new. Companies like Skype and Zoom have been around for a while. The advantages of these online meeting places are plenty, however, where these methods lack, it is that they do not allow playlists to access later and they take up phone or computer screen use. Luckily, TV Startup is prepared with another option.  

TV Screen Training 

An easy way to train people in multiple locations at the same time is the use of a TV screen and a private channel. This option offers both the advantage of live training as well as pre-recorded video playlists. Further, multiple people can join at a time, screen sharing is a breeze, and it solves the issue of using the computer or phone screen. When attending a meeting on the TV, employees can take notes or practice while learning.  Learn more amazing abilities on our internet TV page.  

What Is A Roku Private Channel 

Setting up a private Roku channel is a great option for remote employee training that is reliable and cost-effective. With channel manager options, companies can schedule, stream 24/7, provide on-demand, even personalized training. For example, RE/MAX just announced they “will distribute the Roku Players to employees for training purposes. The Roku Player is a low-cost ($29 – $79) HD streaming media player, and with a TvStartup account anyone can create a public or private channel.” 

As employees increasingly need the ability to work from anywhere in the world, TV screens will become a vital tool. Instead of investing time and energy in trying to understand how to set up a TV network on your own, let TVStartup help you. We provide a complete set-up to launch Roku channels as well as capabilities to scale your network.  Click here for a live demo. 

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