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Do You Know The Value Of Our Industry?

The most current reports have shown an impressive future for this division of the overall economy…The main contributors are in video creation/distribution…

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Do You Know The Value Of Our Industry?
INTERNET TV | October 1, 2021

The most current reports have shown an impressive future for this division of the overall economy…The main contributors are in video creation/distribution…

Why Roku’s Big Reversal on Ads?
INTERNET TV | September 28, 2021

Advertising in the digital sphere is going to more than quadruple in spending over the following decade. You, too, can take advantage of this influx of revenue.

How live streaming is your next big thing!
INTERNET TV | September 21, 2021

Roku is releasing updates to both its hardware and software. I could write about with this stellar Roku update, the one thing that stands out for you guys is…

3 Rules on How to Plan Your TV Network!
INTERNET TV | September 14, 2021

For the sake of simplicity, I give you the three main areas of focus. Don’t worry. Three’s enough. Programming strategy, User experience, & Effective promotion.

The Best Way to Promote Your Roku Channel
INTERNET TV | August 30, 2021

You still have some work ahead of you though. Long gone are the days where you could start a channel, add catchy content, then watch an audience flock to you.

Disney+’s Fast Growth Secret? Exposed Here!
INTERNET TV | August 25, 2021

Disney’s ability to sway new users has been impressive, especially since being one of the most recent services to launch. They have stood the test of time…

Roku’s Stock Reveals Their Exciting Future
INTERNET TV | August 11, 2021

Roku stock has gained 235% per year! What’s it all mean? Well, let’s dive into some of Roku’s market trends. We’ll be able to discern the future of streaming.

The 3 Rules for Better Channel Engagement
INTERNET TV | July 20, 2021

The 3 Principles for Better Channel Engagement explains how to get their attention! With so much new content, getting your video to stand out is no easy feat.

What’s the KEY to growing your audience?
INTERNET TV | June 15, 2021

The number one way to succeed in the TV business is often the most neglected. Do you know what it is? People need to know who you are and what you are about.

How to start your own Cable Network
INTERNET TV | June 8, 2021

Cable companies all over the world are shifting focus from traditional cable. No longer pushing pricey cable packages, but focus on selling broadband instead.

The Streaming Rise & Cables demise of 2021
INTERNET TV | May 25, 2021

Unlike anytime before, those channels that capitalize on Internet TV platforms like Roku & Fire TV are leading. This is the endgame for cable and satellite.

Help! How often do I need to post?
INTERNET TV | May 21, 2021

How often do I need to post? The great news is there is some optimization you can do. Allow me to be upfront with you. Your answer is specific to your channel.

Look Pro, Use These Easy Production Tips!
INTERNET TV | May 17, 2021

You need to realize this. Even if your channel is not narrative-based. Television’s an information transmitter. You should look at this information as a story.

Your Channel Must be ‘Niche’ or Die
INTERNET TV | May 14, 2021

I’m going to make a bold statement… The success of your channel will depend on how niche your content is. I might sound extreme. Many of you have a goal centered around achieving a large audience. Very large in some cases. So when I say niche, some will buck. It seems counterintuitive. I get it. […]

Beyond Ads: Better Ways Channels Make Money
INTERNET TV | May 11, 2021

You have no interest in muddying their experience with pesky ads. Yet, you deserve compensation. The ad fad has set the standard but it’s not the only way.

Need Video Content? Read this.
INTERNET TV | May 7, 2021

Where can I get content? It’s an important question. How important? Well, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled ‘Content is King’. That title has never been truer.

Thriving in the Ad-pocalypse!
INTERNET TV | May 5, 2021

The machines are here. Broad, brawly algorithms, bearing authority as “judge and jury” over your content. These platforms have flawed demonetization algorithms

What’s the Secret to Viral Content?
INTERNET TV | May 2, 2021

Because there’s content that not only skim atop the digital ocean, but rather defy gravity, floating high above the rest. This type of content has gone ‘viral’.

Can Your TV Channel Be Censored?
INTERNET TV | April 27, 2021

At TvStartup we don’t believe in limiting the ability of content creators to reach their audiences in any way.

How To Write A Press Release For Your Channel
INTERNET TV | April 23, 2021

Thinking about launching an internet TV channel? Did you know that a press release could get your channel in front of thousands of new viewers?

YouTubers are Earning Big Bucks
New Ways YouTubers are Earning Big Bucks
INTERNET TV | September 28, 2020

A relatively recent phenomenon has been the rise in unlikely YouTube stars, as more people find unique ways to make money on this ever-growing platform. Over a billion videos are watched every day on YouTube, which has 2 billion logged-in monthly users and is on pace to earn $5.5 billion this year in US ad […]

Train Remote Employees
Best Ways To Train Remote Employees
INTERNET TV | July 23, 2020

This day in age, the remote or work-from-home culture is growing. With a global economy as well as a demand for experienced employees that may not live close by, many businesses are choosing to hire workers in multiple locations. A phenomenon that is especially growing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and […]

Monetize Your Video Collection
How to Monetize Your Video Collection
INTERNET TV | July 17, 2020

If you’re a video creator tired of fighting YouTube’s and Twitch’s monetization rules or if you find your videos being demonetized, then it may be time to take your catalog into your own hands. Content like yours doesn’t have to be constantly fighting the algorithms for a place on the “Up Next” sidebar when you […]

OTT White Label Services
Top 3 OTT White Label Services
INTERNET TV | June 12, 2020

With cord-cutting on the rise, over-the-top (c) white label services are making their mark on the digital landscape by changing the way content creators distribute and monetize their videos. OTT white label services allow content creators to control the user experience while growing their audience by vastly improving their reach. Let’s look at the top […]

Content is King
Everything is Content but What is Good Content?
INTERNET TV | June 4, 2020

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard the phrase “content is king”, but what exactly does that mean? The origin of the phrase can be traced back to none other than the technology luminary Mr. Bill Gates who said, “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the […]

Why Cord Cutting Isn’t Stopping
INTERNET TV | June 4, 2020

It wasn’t too long ago when there were only a handful of TV channels and most of those wouldn’t even broadcast all day. Back in the “good ol’ days”, people didn’t have much in the way of choice when it came to watching television. You would sign up to whichever cable provider was in your […]

How to Monetize Your Video Content
INTERNET TV | March 9, 2020

Creating quality video content is a mountain of work. First, there’s coming up with original content. Then there’s writing a solid script, filming, recording audio, re-recording because someone decided to mow their lawn in the middle of your take, creating thumbnails, editing it all together into a snappy, informative, and entertaining video, and then compiling, […]

7 Hot Tips For Marketing Your Roku Channel
INTERNET TV | December 26, 2019

Many channel publishers launch their channel on Roku and then leave it up to Roku to grow their channel. While that is perfectly fine for many – and Roku will grow your channel – for some they want a quicker approach. Yes Channels will grow organically as the platform grows and more people find it; […]

Small Production Companies Take Advantage of Cord Cutting
INTERNET TV | December 26, 2019

Households around the country are cutting ties with cable and satellite TV. In fact its increasing faster than originally predicted. Experts are now saying that by the end of 2022 the number of cord cutting households will total more than a quarter of U.S. Households (according to a study done by eMarketer). In 2019 over […]

Busting Myths about Live Streaming an Event
INTERNET TV | April 4, 2019

When it comes to livestreaming there are a lot of myths; will live streaming my event cause in-person attendance to drop? Is it expensive, is it easy to do? In this article we bust all the myths and show you why you should be livestreaming any and all events.

5 Tips to Increase Your Networks Paid Subscriptions
INTERNET TV | April 3, 2019

Gaining new subscribers is the name of the game when it comes to your online subscription TV network. Learn 5 tips to really help boost your subscriber base and earn you more revenue.

Avoid Video Buffering with Adaptive Streaming
INTERNET TV | April 1, 2019

Video buffering is a constant problem for viewers and as a professional network you want to provide your viewers with the best experience possible. See how adaptive streaming can eliminate video buffering for your Internet TV and OTT platform.

What is a Video CDN? And Why Do I Need One?
INTERNET TV | March 31, 2019

What is a CDN and why do you need one for your OTT platform? Learn how a CDN takes you Internet TV network from amateur to a professional network.

Going Beyond YouTube – Your Internet TV Network
INTERNET TV | March 28, 2019

Your professional network needs to go well beyond the capabilities of YouTube’s free service in order to take advantage of the ever expanding possibilities for your Online TV network. Check out some of the drawbacks of YouTube.

African Internet TV Market to Top $1 Billion by 2024
INTERNET TV | March 27, 2019

Internet TV in Africa is growing fast. Millions of subscribers are making this one of the fastest gowning segments in Africa. Find out for yourself how fast its growing.

9 Great Reasons to Start Your Online TV Network
INTERNET TV | March 27, 2019

Find out the top reasons why NOW is the best time to start your Online TV network or your own Netflix video subscription services and start turning your ideas into money!

4 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Video Performance
INTERNET TV | March 27, 2019

You can and should improve your YouTube video(s) performance. These four tips will show you the best techniques to get your videos discovered and keep your audience engaged.

YouTuber’s Struggle – Study Shows
INTERNET TV | March 20, 2019

Many people equate millions of views on YouTube to millions of dollars. However a new study by Bloomberg shows this is not the case at all. Now more than ever YouTubers and content creators are turning to alternative methods to generate that much needed revenue. Find out what their doing and how you can do the same.

How to Have My Own Netflix Style Site
INTERNET TV | March 19, 2019

Ever wanted to have your own Netflix service? Want to have website and apps that look and function like Netflix? Well you can, AND you can make money while doing it! It only takes a few easy steps, and you do not need to know anything about building a website or apps.

4k Image
Should My Online Network be in 4k?
INTERNET TV | March 18, 2019

With technology advancing quickly in the video world and so many different video resolutions, does my Internet TV network need to be in 4k? What is the cost of 4k streaming, does it cost more?

Satellite TV, Cable, & Internet TV: Whats the difference?
INTERNET TV | March 17, 2019

Whats the difference in Satellite, Cable, Broadcast and Internet TV? Get the basics on the Pro’s and Con’s of the different types of TV in the world today.

200% Growth in Samsung Smart TV Apps
INTERNET TV | March 13, 2019

Smart TV’s audiences are growing across the board with Samsung leading the way. Broadcasters and OTT Network owners are effectively expanding their audiences into more and more living rooms by placing their network on as many Smart TV manufactures as they can get their hands on.

How to License Video Content for Your Internet TV Network
INTERNET TV | March 11, 2019

Want to license video content for your online TV network? Learn what the most popular types of license agreements as well as where to get licensing, blanket licensing, and what are the costs associated with licensing. As well as repositories to get free video content.

Be your Own Roku – Brand your own Streaming Box
INTERNET TV | March 5, 2019

Technological advances make it possible for you to create your own streaming box branded for your company. Create your own channel lineup, charge monthly subscriptions, create custom menus and add your own preloaded content. This gives your viewers the impression that you are your own streaming service.

Massive Growth for Apple TV
INTERNET TV | March 3, 2019

Apple TV is experiencing rapid growth in viewing hours. Although they lag behind other connected TV devices they are making plans to compete with FireTV and Roku. Check out how you as a broadcaster can benefit form Apple TV’s rapid market growth.

Why is Amazon’s Fire TV Growing Faster Than Roku?
INTERNET TV | March 1, 2019

FireTV is growing faster than Roku. Although both streaming platforms have large audiences find out why FireTV is starting to lead the pack in active account over their rival Roku. FireTV really has nothing to offer over Roku when it comes to enriching their customers with features, so why is this streaming device growing faster than others?

How and Why to Expand your Online TV Network to Roku?
INTERNET TV | February 28, 2019

Roku audiences are growing by the millions, not thousands, and as a broadcaster you need to be taking advantage of this growing market. Find out how big Roku is and why you should have your network on their platform.

Three Ways Broadcasters are Benefiting from Live Streaming onto Social Media
INTERNET TV | February 27, 2019

Find out how some broadcasters are creatively expanding and increasing their live broadcast audience size as well as drawing audiences off social media to their own online TV platforms. Check out their techniques and what tools they are using.

My Internet TV Network – How much can I make?
INTERNET TV | February 26, 2019

How much can I make from my Internet TV (OTT) network? Can I earn a living or make a killing? In this article we break down the most popular ad revenue model for online video – the CPM.

Monetization techniques for your Internet TV network
INTERNET TV | January 30, 2019

Learn the top techniques to monetize your Internet TV station. From dynamic ad injection to revenue sharing we give a break down of the best techniques available.

Internet TV (OTT) The Basics
INTERNET TV | January 30, 2019

Learn the basics of Internet TV and what it takes to make a online network.

Internet TV Growing Faster that Wall Street Analysis Expected
INTERNET TV | January 30, 2019

Subscription TV is declining faster than a falling rock, giving rise to rapid increase in Internet TV viewership. In fact its grown faster than even the experts on Wall Street could of predicted.

Create a Roku Channel – How much does it cost and how do you do you create it?
INTERNET TV | March 26, 2018

If you are in the broadcasting business or want to get into the broadcasting business then creating your own Roku channel is paramount. Creating a Roku channel is the quickest way to get your content in front of millions of people. Roku has sold over 50 million boxes and the number rises daily. Roku also […]

Roku Channel Development Costs
INTERNET TV | March 26, 2018

If you are reading this then you already know that ROKU is one of the most popular internet TV streaming devices with over 45 million units sold (as of 2018). Tens of millions of people tune in daily to watch ROKU and having your own channel there can lift your brand significantly. Before we dive […]

Overcoming the Challenges of Streaming Live High Quality HD
INTERNET TV | January 31, 2018

Making sure your live video is of high quality is critical to your success. Thankfully the increase of internet speed and better encoding techniques and technology is making broadcasting live video simpler. Here we will cover some of the primary concerns that you will encounter when trying to broadcast your live stream. We will look […]

Live Broadcasting – Best Encoder Settings
INTERNET TV | January 29, 2018

Your bitrate controls the quality. The higher the bit rate the better the quality. Bitrate is usually measure id Kbps or Mbps. Although bitrate and resolution are not the same settings they are intertwined. That is because the higher the resolution the more bitrate it requires to display it correctly with out distortion. So if you choose a high resolution but a low bitrate then your video quality will suffer.
Below is some bitrate and resolutions that should help your live broadcast.

How to Broadcast Live On Your Website
INTERNET TV | January 28, 2018

So you got a website and you want to broadcast live or stream live video to your site. Well then you are ready to proceed! In this article I will give you the pieces you need to setup a live video on your website.
There is three pieces to this procedure: live streaming (broadcasting), your streaming software, and embedding your live video on your site. Lets look at each piece.

Push Publish Your Live Video Stream or Event
INTERNET TV | November 7, 2017

Push publish allows you to take your live video stream and publish it to multiple platforms (facebook, YouTube) with only one upload and publishing point.

How to Make Money from my YouTube Channel
INTERNET TV | May 12, 2017

Okay so you have a popular YouTube channel and now you want to monetize it? Or more likely you have a YouTube channel that you monetized and it ain’t paying JACK SQUAT! You are already aware that YouTube monetizing pays worse than a manufacture laborer working in a third world country! With this in mind you need to take things into your own hands.

Internet TV Verses Satellite TV – Pros and Cons
INTERNET TV | April 23, 2017

For the past several decades Satellite and cable TV have dominated TV distribution, and just 20 years ago the thought of cable and satellite being challenged was science fiction. However today things are changing and as of 2017 more people watch entertainment through Internet TV than Satellite and cable TV combined.

Start a Internet TV Station
INTERNET TV | March 30, 2017

Want to start your own Internet TV station but are a little clueless on how to do it? Do you have a few ideas that you really want to build your station from? In this article we address many of the unknown questions people have when venturing into the internet TV world.

Amazon FireTV – Starting your own TV channel on FIRETV
INTERNET TV | March 14, 2017

In this article we will talk about where to go to get your own Firetv TV channel and some of the pros of being on Amazon Firetv.

Roku Development – How much does it cost to have your own ROKU channel?
INTERNET TV | February 23, 2017

Roku is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market today. With over 15 million devices sold and counting its no wonder why broadcasters want their own channel on ROKU. Its quite a better alternative to paying a satellite or cable TV subscription as well. Overall if you want to compete in the Internet […]

OTT, IPTV, Live Streaming Solutions – What Does It All Mean?
INTERNET TV | February 16, 2017

Large media companies, TV networks, cable and satellite Conglomerates are beginning to crumble because of the internet. Its both been a blessing and a curse for these large corporations, but as internet speeds continue to increase and production costs continue to fall, their empire begins to crumble. There are many at the bottom picking up […]

How Do I get My Channel On Roku? My Own Roku Channel
INTERNET TV | August 15, 2013

Okay so you got a Internet TV channel or maybe you just have an idea for one? Either way you want to broadcast your channel on Roku and have no idea how. Or maybe you are familiar with Roku and may know a little about the process but you dont know the ins and out. […]

Starting a Internet TV station – What is Bandwidth and a CDN
INTERNET TV | July 4, 2013

In this article I want to clear up the differences between what a CDN does, what bandwidth is and why you need it for your Internet TV site, and the difference in what web hosting is. When you have a Internet TV station it is not just a website. Many people are under the impression […]

Start a Web TV Channel
INTERNET TV | June 14, 2013

So you want to start your own web TV channel? You have an idea that you just know will work if you can get it out there. Well that is great you have come to the right place. As with most people you want to learn more of how to do this and get your […]

Make My Own TV Station – Start My Own TV Channel
INTERNET TV | February 18, 2013

  If you or your company are thinking of making your own TV station then there are some preliminary steps you need to take to get started. You will need to begin by asking yourself some basic questions.   What type of station will this be? Entertainment, NEWS, religious? What will be my distribution platform? […]

Start a Internet TV Station – What Equipment is Needed?
INTERNET TV | February 13, 2013

I get this question I think more than any other question. “What is needed to start my Internet TV Station”?. Of course this can vary greatly from one project to another but in most cases you would be surprised how easy it is to start your own Internet TV station. In most cases nothing is […]

Start a TV Station Online – How to Begin
INTERNET TV | February 1, 2013

If you are looking to start a TV station online you have come to the right place. Many people have un answered questions when it comes to starting an online station. Many people just have no idea where to begin or how much money to budget for such a project. In this article I will […]

Start a TV Channel – Learn the Basics
INTERNET TV | January 31, 2013

Okay so now you and your team have decided that you want to start your own TV station. Maybe you are thinking “What do we do next”? How do we proceed? Well starting a TV channel is a general term. In this article I am just going to focus on the basics. However feel free […]

How To Start a Satellite TV Channel – What Equipment is Needed
INTERNET TV | January 28, 2013

With millions of people tuning in to watch TV through satellite it is easy to understand why many companies and individuals are trying to start their own Satellite TV channel. It is an exciting opportunity for start up channels because they have instant access to millions of potential viewers already tuned in to satellite. So […]

Start a Internet TV Station – Developing Your Play list
INTERNET TV | January 20, 2013

Starting an Internet TV station can be both fun and exciting. With millions of people online looking for videos it is easy to see why Internet TV is exploding and is the video distribution platform of the future. However what is important to keep in mind is your Internet TV station is not a station […]

How to Start a Internet TV Channel – Getting Started
INTERNET TV | January 7, 2013

  Interested in starting your own internet TV station? Do you have unanswered questions and have no clue how to go about doing it? Well it is understandable to have questions. Starting a Internet TV station can be confusing if you do not know how it works. I am going to try to break it […]

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