Busting Myths about Live Streaming an Event

Today live streaming is one of the luxuries we enjoy in a modern society and technology makes it easier than ever before due to the internet.

You may of heard that live streaming is expensive or that it might cause the attendance of your church to drop and several other rumors, however is it true?

With new Live streaming available today on Facebook and Periscope you need to understand the power of live streaming and how it can transform your live event.

Here are a few myths we busted when it comes to live streaming.

1) Only Livestream if its for a Large Event.

You do not have to be a media conglomerate to enjoy the benefits that live streaming bring to your event or church service. No matter the size of your event ( a small concert, business event, sermons, and more) you can increase its value through live streaming.

Livestreaming today increases the exposure of your event due to social media and the large online presence of viewers that now tune to the internet for video content. Especially if you have the ability to simultaneously broadcast to FaceBook, Periscope, and YouTube. This allows your followers and friends to check it out as well. Overall livestreaming can up the value of your small event significantly.

2) Livestreaming will decrease in person attendance

Why would someone attend in person if they can watch it online? This is the common fear that many have when it comes to streaming online. However the opposite is true. According to Digitell, 30% of the people that watch an online event will attend the even in person the next year. Enormous events like Coachella have actually seen this take place. It use to take them 3 days to sell out their event, but after they started livestreaming the previous years festival through YouTube it only took them 3 hours to sell out!!

3) Its Expensive and to Technical

This is a common fear that many have; that they will need a technical guru to get their live event streaming online. However with tools like TvStartup’s “Channel Manager” you have all the tools in one place with tech support to get you up quickly. Just one online toolbox and that’s all you need. You can be up and running for around a $100.

4) Nobody is Going to Watch

If you have any presence at all on social media, then it is highly unlikely that no one is going to watch. If you are consistent and are clear when you will be going live, social media is almost a guaranteed success to help you draw in an audience.

According to Facebook Live, users who watch live videos will watch 3 times as long and comment 10 times more than a recorded video. That is much more engagement than a standard post.

A few strategies to keep in mind to increase the amount of views is to give your viewers a behind the scene look for loyal fans, partner with others that have large followings in social media and invite them in as a special speaker, and include a Question and Answer series during the live broadcast to get more people involved.

5) When the Event is Over the Value of the Video drops

Whats fantastic about live video is that when its done you have a VOD to include on your Internet TV network and your social media pages. You can also re-purpose it for marketing and teaser videos.

A study done by Unruly showed that even a recorded video increased purchase intent by 97% and brand associate by more than 135%. Also it will help increase actual attendance of you next live broadcast.

Now that you understand that power of livestreaming its time that you learn how to do it. Sign up for our “Channel Manager” and get our online tool box to start your live broadcasts today. You can broadcast live (as well as simultaneously broadcast across social media) create and schedule playlist, automatically record your live broadcasts and more. To learn more click here.

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