Although we here at tvstartup would love to talk to everyone personally about their project it is impossible due to the high traffic our site gets. Much of the last few years we have spent building our internet TV platforms but we still offer consulting in regards to Satellite TV stations. In fact we wrote the book on it in the early 2000's. However as of 2018 we no longer update our book in regards to satellite TV as we concentrate mainly on internet TV. Therefore if you are serious about your project and you would like to get solid answers on satellite costs, equipment costs, techniques and strategies that that is specific to your project you can still choose from one our consulting packages. We have over two decades of experience and have consulted with hundreds of companies over the years. We have the experience to get you started and save you money. We will give you personal service. The higher your package the more serious we take you...if you are just browsing and want info then a lower package would work to get some simple information. However a higher package is advised for those serious about their projects.

Select a package type

Package A - $179

Basic consultation for 30 mins via a personal phone call or email (your choice) in which you give us your project idea and we will give you some overall equipment pricing and satellite costs based on our experience and the geographical area you want to broadcast too. This will give you some general information in regards to your project.

Package B - $499

More in depth consulting via phone or skype. We will give more than just general information. Based on your project idea we will give you equipment suggestions and more in depth pricing. We will also allow for 3 follow up questions after the consultation is over for those concerns that come to light as the project develops.

Package C - $1999

Everything from package B plus follow up consultation via phone for 3 months as well as exact equipment types, costs and where to buy. This package gives you the support you need to launch your channel and give you access to our team of professional when you need them most.

If you serious about your project then invest in your idea. The money you spend with us for our knowledge is just a fraction of what our experience will save you in the long run.