Is Your TV Channel Vulnerable to Censorship?

Are video creators at risk of losing their audiences due to censorship?

In recent times, the topic of online censorship has become increasingly important for the success of video creators.

Historically, censorship has commonly been used to suppress certain views and ideas that are considered offensive to the ones censoring, regardless of the validity of the information. Added to this are new and ever-changing terms and conditions for copyright rule, and content polices on various online platforms, and a perfect storm is created for video creators trying to and succeed in the online space.

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Widespread censorship by media conglomerates can be seen as having an increasingly negative impact on the ability for online content creators to build, maintain, grow, and monetize their online audiences.

YouTubers and Social Media influencers alike have found that the platforms on which they have built their audiences are at high risk of being taken offline overnight. Video creators have found their video channels unexpectedly demonetized, access to their accounts frozen, and even deleted with little or sometimes even no warning.

Copyright strikes driven by new AI technologies have also fueled concern and panic among creators of every genre, fearing that the audiences they have spent years of hard work building up are at surprisingly high risk of being destroyed at a moments notice.

You need to protect your content NOW!

Blocks spelling out free speech censorship

It’s quite clear how your viewership and ability to monetize can be threatened by these factors.

Major tech companies can slow even outright stop your online growth if you are relying solely on their platforms for service.  What’s even more frightening is how this can happen to anyone, for even minor offenses. In fact, many content creators have already been kicked off of platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, and many more. Erasing entire audiences and sometimes even year’s worth of hard work!

This can happen at any time to anyone sometimes even without warning. As at any given time, large social media and web hosting companies can
de-platform you as they did to Parler. They can change the definition of what is acceptable and what isn’t at any time, basically what’s okay today may not be okay tomorrow.

This is why it’s critical to maintain as much control over your content as possible, especially in today’s social environment.

That’s why you need to have your own website, Roku channel, and any other media distribution service that YOU as the creator have control of so that no one can censor your content, demonetize your videos, or limit your ability to reach and grow your audience. 

censorship against person

Another consideration is that even if you keep your content socially, politically, and religiously acceptable, countries can completely prevent popular sites like YouTube from displaying your content to viewers in their country, irregardless of your content’s subject matter. This effectively separates you from your audience. 

The solution? You need your own media outlet, where you maintain full control over your own platform independently as a creator.

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Censorship and the future

Most recently, censorship and compliance to terms or copyright rules is often driven by A.I., meaning you can be silenced without a real person ever being involved, all without any notice or explanation.

The way this kind of censorship works is quite interesting, processing massive amounts of data through pre-defined filters and often believed to leave much room for error. Information is processed in real-time making it possible for media companies to censor vast amounts of data at light speed. To make this worse, there are very few legal protections to prevent this from directly impacting your channel or online audience without recourse.

However, if you have your own independent website or TV channel you can prevent the headaches of dealing with these ever-changing limitations and decide what content is acceptable and what isn’t on your own channel.

A.I. or artificial intelligence will be much more aggressive in the future, and most A.I. auditors are controlled by media conglomerates. These algorithms can stop anyone or any company that starts to gain traction and reach large audiences. They can also be seen to have a two-fold purpose to squash any future competition and ensure popularized content has the most views. 

censorship against content

At TvStartup we don’t believe in limiting the ability of content creators to reach their audiences in any way.

We maintain our own infrastructure and don’t have to rely on 3rd party infrastructure controlled by large conglomerates like Amazon Web Services. Moreover, will have a commitment to creators to not audit content based on any political, religious, social, or educational biases.

Don’t get silenced.

Start your own independent channel to take control of your content today!

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