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Lazarus T.

“Tvstartup is the only company for ” Doctv33 ” tv network and mobile apps. We are going on year two with this company that has expanded over the last year . There always on the ball when it comes to any questions and emails. One thing I really love about them is that there real. Every time I have sent an email or need my numbers and downloads there on it . They changed my life and now where growing as a real tv network thanks to tvstartup”

Shawn A.

“Venturing into new media territory can often feel complicated, but TvStartup has been by my side every step of the way. Knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives guided me through every stage of the setup process. A special thanks to Daniel Mendez for making the experience painless, taking the time to patiently answer every question I put in front of him. I’ve been a customer for a little over 2 years, and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to break into the streaming industry. Thank you TvStartup!”

Russell V.

“I been with TV Startup for 2 years My Channel RVerTV is growing daily. Noah and the crew work hard to get it right . Video business is tricky. If you looking to start a Roku - Fire Tv network, TV Startup will help you grow”

Brian H.

“Good service, they completed all development as promised and have provided responsive support and helpful insights along the way through our project.”

Tonya M.

“I started my channel on Roku last year, adding Fire TV next, we are doing good. Haven’t had a problem. If I need help they are fast to get support. No billing increases like the last provider I used recommend.”

Aaron B.

“Back in July 2020 when I was searching for a company to build me Android and iOS apps I came across a couple of different options but TVstartup is the one that stood out to me I decided to go with them and I’m gonna say I am not at all disappointed with the service they got my apps done within a pretty reasonable time and good price compared to other companies, I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who wants apps or a Roku channel built for a fair price.”

Bradly W.

“Definitely worth going with if you’re trying to start your own TV channels, I decided to get my Roku and Fire TV channels through TV startup in late 2020! and the support was there for me every step of the way, Support even spent an hour on the phone with me one day because I needed some clarification. Since I’ve published my channels I haven’t had any negative experiences with this company. Definitely would recommend it to anyone”

KaoJa V.

“TvStartup Inc. have been very helpful in broadening my business through their services. They were ready to help answer any questions I had. They helped me in any way they could for building my channel. Another plus for this company as they made an impressive logo design and splash video for my business.”

Logan A.

"Let me tell ya, working with TvStartup was amazing. They sure know their stuff and delivered one heck on an impressive app for us. Their expertise, professionalism, and the top-notch results they delivered left me impressed. Y'all won't find a better choice for app development services. I highly recommend them."

Kenneth G.

“I have had a good experience with the service, I launched my Roku channel with them in July 2020 and added mobile apps in September. We are doing well so far and growing the audience. I have been able to get several advertisers to run ads on the network. While there have been a few hiccups with technical details in the beginning to get everything launched, they have improved tech support over time. Already recommended a colleague to also start his channel with them.”

Clarence B.

“I recently setup my Roku channel with them then also put it up on Fire TV so far so good i have had a good experience. They called me several times to help get everything setup and off the ground. I have been live streaming every weekend for the past two months.

Everything has been smooth sending it to the Roku and my Facebook page. The times I have needed support they have been gracious in helping me quickly and staying online with me until things were resolved all the way. I don’t normally leave reviews that much, but in this case I wanted to share that I don’t usually find the level of personalized service from software companies that they have given me


Most are just email and thats it. These guys are going out of their way and will setup calls for me one on one whenever I need them, and I can jump on chat anytime I need help pretty much instantly. Overall I recommend it I think it’s a good way to get out there on TV sets.”

Lance C.

"I've been using these guys to help run my Roku, Apple TV and fire stick channels for about 2 years. So far their system has gotten quite a bit better and support is going quite a bit stronger now than it was then. We have had a few occasions where we had to loop them in for urgent help and they got right on it and got things fixed for us. I do recommend to anybody out there trying to setup a streaming channel of their own, I also have subscriptions on my channel and TvStartup makes sure that I keep all the revenue without having to give up splits,, big plus for me since previous company I used was taking a chunk of my money from my subscribers"

Samuel J.

"TV Startup is a highly commendable choice for individuals seeking to establish their own TV channels. In my personal experience, I opted for their services to acquire Roku and Fire TV channels in march 2023, and throughout the entire process, their support was exemplary. At every stage, the dedicated support team provided unwavering assistance, even devoting considerable time to address my inquiries during a one-hour phone call. Following the successful publication of my channels, I have encountered no unfavorable encounters with this company. I wholeheartedly endorse TV Startup and confidently recommend their services to anyone in need."

Mark W.

"Tvstartup did an amazing job setting my channel and helping me get it published they also helped me to get my content monitized which is a big deal for me so thanks a lot"

Greg B.

"Tvstartup is great starting a Roku channel is not easy but they helped me through every step and now my channel is on every platform they offer I could not have done it on my own I have to say this has been a lot easier than I thought it would be"

Ava D.

"TVStartup has completely transformed my television network and I couldn't be happier with their services. From the moment I signed up, it was evident that TVStartup was committed to providing top-notch software and solutions for live broadcasting and on demand content creators. They gave me the ability to reach viewers on platforms like Roku, Fire, and Apple TV. TVStartup's customer service is top-notch. Anytime I've had a question or encountered a minor technical issue, their support team has been quick to respond and resolve the problem. Their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident, and it further enhances the overall positive experience of using TVStartup. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants to get their content in front of people."

Emily D.

"I recently tried out TvStartup's streaming software and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with the platform. The user interface was intuitive and easy to navigate, and I was able to find and stream my cooking show without any hassle. One thing that stood out to me was the quality of the video and audio streaming. Even when I was streaming on a slower internet connection, the video never buffered or stopped, and the sound was always crystal clear. Overall, I highly recommend TvStartup's streaming software to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform to stream their video content"

Carson D.

"Very good, caring service so far. I started a channel on Roku and Amazon Firestick using this service last year around March. I have received a great deal of personal support from the teams at TvStartup in helping me deal with the hurdles of handling my live streams and publishing my content to try to continue improving my viewing experiences for my audience. We stream live sports at local events and have never had this much help from any service we tried in the past. Most of these osftware companies just don’t have any way to get on the phone and get live help right away from someone experienced who can help you out. TvStartup does. They do that well and I can call them anytime, even during the middle of a stream, and know i will get some help quickly and from people who understand streaming technology with a deep knowledge of the systems. So i greatly appreciate that. Their system also has great features for monetizing the videos"


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