How To Launch your Internet TV Network
in 3 Easy Steps

Every type of TV Network is powered by the same core component:

 You must have the ability to control, organize and manipulate video content. 

This equates to being in total control of you TV network.
Like most TV networks, starting out you may not have all of your video content yet.
 You add content gradually and your video library will grow one step at a time. 
Your video content needs to be uploaded, organized and ready for distribution to your audiences.

I would like to let you in on a secret equation:

Video control + Video Library + Distribution = TV Network

 Let me introduce you to our “Channel Manager” that we have designed from the ground up to account for each of these varibles:

Here's how our Channel Manager addresses each of these components:

Video Control

  • The ability to create multiple playlists
    This means arranging videos in the order you want them to play. 
  • The ability to schedule multiple playlists
    Gives you the ability to operate on a broadcast schedule.  
  • The ability to schedule hours, days, weeks or months in advance
    Allows for hands free channel management.  
  • The ability to interrupt a playlist with a Live broadcast
    Allowing you to go LIVE at any given moment.
  • The ability to automatically record Live broadcasts 
    So Live broadcasts can be archived and added to your playlists.

Video Library

  • Dedicated Cloud Storage
    Your growing list of video content stored and organized online in our cloud (not bogging down several of your hard drives and eliminating the need for local servers.)
  • ​Automatic Encoding
    Our Channel Manager will effectively encode and prepare each video in the proper format(s) and bit rates to broadcast across multiple distribution platforms (no need to be an expert on video formats)
  • Video-On-Demand
    Create VOD (Video-On-Demand) lists and assign videos to categories (just like Netflix)

Video Distribution

  • Choose your connected TV distribution platforms from our channel manager for upgrade and deployment: 
  • Roku – 60 million viewers
  • Amazon Fire TV – 30 Million Viewers
  • Apple TV – 25 million viewers
  • Android TV – 7 million viewers
  • Choose your mobile distribution platforms:
  • iPhone – over 700 million users
  • Android Phone – over 1 billion users
  • Integrate your channel with your website:
    We can connect your channel with your existing website, or build a new website from the ground up to host your new channel.
  • Duplicate your broadcast simultaneously to social media:
    This allows your viewing audience to quickly increase. 

How It Works:

One upload, one control panel (Channel Manager), one account that controls ALL broadcasts simultaneously across social media, distribution platforms (Roku, FireTV etc..) and your website.

Whats better yet is that we are a white-label service, meaning your audience will not see our brand name on

 your channel. In other words, you'll have your own channel branded for you, not a channel within someone

 else's network or app.

Its your channel, your branding and most importantly YOUR AUDIENCE. You are in complete control.

Get Full Access To Our Channel Manager

Designed and equipped to tackle each angle of internet TV operations.

Full Access to the TvStartup Channel Manager 

- Your own Branded Channel published on ROKU

- Your own Branded Channel published on Amazon FireTV

Dedicated channel on our servers
- 500GB Video Bandwidth
- 500GB Video Storage 
- Tech Support
- System Maintenance
- Video Uploader with Automatic Enocoder
-  Fully Scalable Platform - you can add Storage, Bandwith,  
and additional Distrubution Platforms at any time

Launch Your Internet TV Channel


I would like to let you in on another secrete equation:

TV network + Audience
= Monetization (Prof​it)

The more eyeballs watching the more money you can make. 

And yes, we have integrated with top advertisers so that you can inject ads into your channel on autopilot. 

This means you can concentrate on the one thing you love to do; which is build and acquire fantastic video content...the rest of it...Distribution, Monetization and Video Management...we've got it covered. 

So in summary, you can start your Online TV network in 3 easy steps

  • 1
    Get a subscription to our Channel Manager.
  • 2
    Upload your video content (or use the test videos provided).
  • 3
    Choose your distribution platform(s) (Even if its just your website). 

                Begin broadcasting! 

Even if you have no video content you can use our test content to get you started to give you the feel of running your TV network.  You do not have to choose your distribution platforms immediately,  you can first choose to continue adding content to your online library. 

Let me be frank, there wont be another time in history where video is growing at such a huge rate. In fact its growing so fast that by 2022 more than 55.1 million cable and satellite subscriptions would have been canceled.  

Lets face the reality of our times, cable and satellite monopolies are falling, and internet TV channels are rising. 

The time to start is now. 

Subscribe to our channel manager and get full access to a complete solution

 for starting and managing your own online TV network.

So what's your next step? 

Create your account now and take advantage of this one time
 offer to get full access to our Channel Manager.

What Our Clients Have To Say

"I use the channel manager to broadcast and organize my content on my channel. My viewership keeps expanding each month and we are continuing to create and publish new content."

Maxwell Jimfuga
- Enyigba Music TV on Android Mobile Phone

“TvStartUp really makes it easy to schedule our video content. We had over 70,000 viewers on my network last month and we just published our Samsung TV app. Very Excited”

Paul Merrill
- StreamShift TV on Roku, FireTV and Samsung Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

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What distribution platforms do you offer? 

Will you have another discount deal like this in the future? 

How much do I need to know about video to use this system?

​Can I get training if need be?

What about support?

P.S.: When you create your account, you'll get full access to the complete set of tools needed to create and manage your online TV channel or network.

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