How to Start a Internet TV Channel – Getting Started

Interested in starting your own internet TV station? Do you have unanswered questions and have no clue how to go about doing it? Well it is understandable to have questions. Starting a Internet TV station can be confusing if you do not know how it works. I am going to try to break it down as simple as possible to help you understand it.

Lets talk about the many different components of Internet TV. We will first begin by discussing the actual site itself. Like most websites there is a front end and a back end. A front end is what your visitors see when they go to your website. This includes your design your text and information and whatever links and navigation bar you have. The back end is your admin panel in which you can control what content, pictures and articles that are listed on your website. This is also called a CMS or “Content Management System”. You have probably heard of CMS before. Example of widely used CMS systems would be Word-press or Joomla.

So now that we have laid the foundation for a standard website lets talk about a internet TV site. Like any website you have a back-end and a front end. On a internet TV site you also need the ability upload prerecorded videos, and schedule them for play out onto your website. This is what I call a scheduling module. This can be programmed to be added to your CMS or back-end admin panel. This will now allow you to upload videos and create a play-list in the order that you want each video to play. You can then insert commercials or do whatever you need. This play-list is what will play-out onto your Internet TV site. It can also be tailored to allow live broadcast onto your website.

Next lets talk about archived videos or “video on demand” as many people call it. There are several options for video on demand such as to have your own video on demand page or to place the videos under the main streaming video player as thumbnails. This can be where you display past videos. Again it is important to have your CMS setup to handle these features.

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Now lets talk about bandwidth. If you have your own shared hosting account and you have several hundred or even thousands of viewers your shared hosting company will probably cancel your account. The reason is because even if they claim “unlimited bandwidth” they really don’t mean “unlimited”. Video takes quite a bit of bandwidth and they will be quick to cancel you once your video begins to slow down their servers. The answer? Either have your own server (which you can rent from a hosting company usually for about $50-100/month) or use a CDN (contend delivery network). A CDN will allow you to upload and create play lists on their server and then give you a embed code to place in your CMS. What does this do? Well now when your viewers go to your website and watch your video they bandwidth will come from your CDN and not your hosting company. This allows you to stay in full control of your website without your viewers sucking down your bandwidth from your shared hosting account.

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