Internet TV

Launch Your Own Internet TV Network

We provide a complete toolbox to launch, distribute and scale
your online TV network.

Manage Your Network From One Dashboard

Our "Channel Manager" gives you full control over your network from one dashboard, allowing you to organize, manipulate and distribute video content.

  Create and Schedule Playlists

 Fast loading time and smooth video playback

  Stream 24/7 with playlist scheduling

  Broadcast Live across multiple platforms

  Video-on-demand categories

  Live training and support

Seamless Live Streaming

Reach your viewers across all connected platforms, automatically send your stream to your social media accounts on Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live. 

  Go Live anytime to your entire audience

  Push your stream to your social media accounts

  Automatically save Live streams as archived videos

Netflix-Style VOD

Organize your videos into categories so your audience can browse archives and watch on-demand.

  Video titles, descriptions and categories

  Set custom thumbnails

  Display your on-demand video library in multiple layouts

Distrubute Across Every Platform

Automatically publish your video content on every connected platform, from set-top-boxes like Roku and Apple TV to mobile devices and more. 

  Upload and organize your videos once

  Sync to every connected app and website

  Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV 

  iPhone and Android mobile apps

  Website integrations

  Smart TV platforms

Flexible Monetization Options

Turn your passion into profit and generate revenue from your TV network using your method of choice.

  Monthly or annual subscriptions 

  Manually insert paid ads into your video programming

  Support for automated ad insertion 

Detailed Analytics

Monitor your channel's performance with detailed viewer count statistics, demographics, total views and more.

  Track channel performance 

  Access viewer stats

  Manage subscriber accounts

Client Success Stories

It's the best solution for starting your own independent channel...

"I was very happy when I found TvStartup. They were exactly what I had been looking for after I had tried several other similar services and none came close to the complete package they offered. It's the best solution for launching your own independent network. We were able to fully monetize with ads a few months from launch."

BRETT LANGFORT  //  Vape Network on Roku

My viewership keeps expanding each month...

"I use the channel manager to broadcast and organize my content on my channel. My viewership keeps expanding each month and we are continuing to create and publish new content."

MAXWELL JIMFUGA  //  Enyigba Music TV on Android Mobile Phone

TvStartUp really makes it easy to schedule our video content...

“TvStartUp really makes it easy to schedule our video content. We had over 70,000 viewers on my network last month and we just published our Samsung TV app. Very Excited”

PAUL MERRILL  //  StreamShift TV on Roku, FireTV and Samsung Smart TV

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