Launch Your Own Roku Channel

No. 1  Developer of Roku TV Channels – We launch Roku Channels with built-in video monetization so you can reach over 130 million viewers on Roku, plus automatically sync your videos with other platforms like Fire TV, Apple TV, mobile apps and more.

To launch your Roku channel:

Content: Create high-quality videos in the right format.

Developer Account: Sign up on Roku’s Developer Portal.

Development: Choose Direct Publisher or Custom Development.

Testing: Thoroughly test your channel.

Submission: Submit your channel for certification.

Monetization: Consider ads or subscriptions.

Promotion: Market your channel through various channels.

Maintenance: Keep content updated and gather user feedback.

Analytics: Monitor channel performance with Roku’s tools.

SEO: Optimize for search engines and user experience.

Launching a Roku channel is rewarding with commitment to Roku’s guidelines and quality content.

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