Need Video Content? Read this.

“Where can I get content?”

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People ask me this all the time.

It’s an important question. How important? Well, there’s a guy you might have heard of named Bill Gates. In the ancient era of 1996, he wrote an essay about the Internet. The title of this essay was ‘Content is King’. Talk about vision. 25 years later and that title has never been truer.

Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

Bill Gates

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With no breaks, it would take you almost 21 days to watch all the content uploaded to YouTube in the past minute. Yes, I said minute. This is a staggering thought. It also leads me right into giving you a hot tip. If you need content, someone is probably making it.

Do you want to make your own content? Keep an eye out, we’ll be posting a ton of useful info for you too.

I actually have multiple tips for where you can acquire content. We will be covering them all, but I thought it would be erroneous to leave YouTube out. As with almost everything, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing this. We’ll explain that as well.

You can find content on everything.

From tutorials on the different soil compositions to intergalactic space narratives. And everything in between. I know a guy who is creating content on raising/training homing pigeons. So there is no shortage of content being made. Many of these people need a better outlet. If you own a channel, are business savvy, and have the vision, these people need you. They know how to create and you can provide a better outlet. Match made in heaven.

There are a few websites geared at providing you content.

Sometimes they will have exactly what you are looking for. You should check out the list below and see what’s available. Some of these sites have free content and that might work for you. A few are working the middle range that could be right up your alley. Others can be downright pricey but have what you need. It all depends on your channel model. Your channel could be geared for the higher-end stuff or something more niche. It’s up to you. In no particular order, here they are:

Be aware that some of the above sites require a bit of data entry. Have your business info on hand if you plan exhausting the list.

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Are you looking for something original and never before seen?

I recommend your local university. Most colleges and universities have a group of film buffs. It could be formally from film/theater classes or otherwise. It’s no secret, the college-age demographic is making content. You can be sure to find unique content this way. Plus, by getting into direct contact with them, you might convince them to make exactly what your channel needs.

Another option for collecting content is through a post. Whether in a local ad, online ad, or in a topic-related forum. Sometimes it just makes sense for creators to find you instead. This works better if you are flexible with what is submitted. It can also require a lot of your time. You’ll have to curate the content you don’t want along with the content you do.

If you are looking to easily find something specific, nothing beats Google/YouTube. Most searches will yield a video result. Of course, this is just the beginning…

Social media is meant to be social, right?

Even though it can seem like a one-way street, it’s not. Do not be afraid to approach these people. That’s right. They’re just people, like you and me. They’re likely popular, and many are incredibly talented. But they’re still human.

That’s fine, you’re human too! So let’s put the social back in media and start networking. Get out there. If you see someone’s work and think “This is a great fit for my channel”, hit them up. My mother always said it never hurts to ask. Of course, she told me ‘no’ more than any other human being on the planet. But she was right. So the moral is, ASK!

The first thing I want to point out is that getting in touch with a creator on YouTube is not the easiest. To this day, the best approach I have seen is this.

There are a ton of other sharing sites but the approach is similar.

If you find someone you want to work with, interact with their content. Subscribe. Like. Whatever is called for. Give constructive feedback and make your presence valuable. Remember, this does not mean spamming with smiley faces and hollow comments like “Awesome” or “Great job”. By interacting with their content, you are making yourself familiar. That way, when you do reach out, you’re not just some stranger asking for something.

Then it’s time to actually reach out. I recommend you try Twitter first. It’s hard to get through email so if direct messaging is available, go with that. Instagram or discord might also be an option. Either way, when you reach out, be genuine. Every quality relationship goes both ways. You should have something of value to offer them and you’re going to want to make that clear.

The amount of content being made is mind-blowing.

The key is getting that right content in front of the right viewers. You obviously understand that. That’s why you are here. Some techniques will do better than others, depending on what type of channel you have. The thing is, they will all produce results if you follow through with them. It is time. Go get that content, your channel is waiting.

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