Roku Channel




Roku Channel Development Roku has over 12 million devices sold and millions tuning in to watch new and intriguing content. Tap into one of the fastest growing segment in video distribution. We develop custom ROKU channels that fit your needs. From VOD, STREAMING and more. We can produce netflix style apps or just simple streaming channels. Charge subscription fees or allow your video content free of charge it is all up to you and your creative mind! If one thinks about the difference in trying to start a cable channel verses a ROKU channel it becomes clear that ROKU is much more cost effective. Cable negotiations can be long and costly and can drag out for months or even years. Cable subscriptions are plummeting due to consumer options such as ROKU and FIRETV shifting the balance of content distribution and leveling the playing field from large mega corporations to anyone that can produce great content. Its time your business takes advantage of this growing segment.

Brock Fisher