Roku Development – How much does it cost to have your own ROKU channel?

Roku is one of the fastest growing platforms in the market today. With over 15 million devices sold and counting its no wonder why broadcasters want their own channel on ROKU. Its quite a better alternative to paying a satellite or cable TV subscription as well. Overall if you want to compete in the Internet TV world having a channel on ROKU is critical.

Roku development can be tricky and its always better to leave it to an expert. Your Roku developer would be familiar with the languages used to develop on its robust platform. However in the world of ROKU development just having the written code is not enough. There are many pieces of the puzzle that you need for your ROKU channel. Besides the actual physical channel you will also need a CDN (content delivery network) to delivery your channel to ROKU’s platform. A CDN is a network of specialized video servers that are tailored to video delivery through the internet. In other words they are configured specifically for the task of thousand of people watching your channel at the same time without the buffering or the crashing. Without a CDN you can not possible have a ROKU channel or any internet TV channel for that matter.

Is there a cost to be on ROKU? There is obviously a charge from your CDN and a charge for your ROKU development but to be listed on their system there is no charge for them to carry your channel. As an example there is no charge to be on the internet….but if you want to be on the internet you need to pay a hosting service to host your website, and a internet provider to access the internet…so in essence there is no charge to be on the internet yet there is a charge. Just like ROKU there are requirements that must be met for you to be included on their platform and that includes having a ROKU developer develop an app that will meet their quality standards and a CDN that will be able to deliver the video efficiently and effectively to their platform.

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Roku development can run into the tens of thousands and that’s why here at we developed templates that we can re-brand for your company. This means that you can get started for very little overhead verses spending thousands. You can simply pick your template send us your logo and company information, and then we can publish it onto the ROKU platform quickly. We also have our own data center and CDN so that your channel runs smoothly and tens of thousands can watch it simultaneously. You can learn more about our roku channel by clicking on our internet TV page. We can also develop customized Roku apps for far less than most because our developers are in house verses most companies who have to freelance their development.

So the bottom line is if you want to save thousands and thousand of dollars on your ROKU project use a company that can provide you templates to choose from instead of custom development. You can not go wrong with your own ROKU channel!

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