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Want to start your own Internet TV station but are a little clueless on how to do it? Do you have a few ideas that you really want to build your station from? Or maybe you are a YouTuber with your subscribers that you want to bring to your own branded TV site. Well this article is for you. For years now it has been difficult to break into the main stream media because it has been guarded by conglomerate corporations that decide with board of directors what shows to produce and what not. They stick to their inner circle and people with real ideas like yourself get ignored.


But Ohhhh how the times are changing and the table is turning towards people like yourself. What use to be impossible the internet has made likely and now you have a chance to really break in and create your own niche audience. In fact did you know as of 2017 more people are watching television through the internet than they are through cable and satellite subscriptions combine! That’s amazing!


Lets first define what internet TV is. The obvious is the ability to deliver your video feed through websites to potential viewers, but that is just part of the picture. Devices such as Roku, Firetv Android TV, and Apple TV sit in tens of millions of homes world wide. These devices sit on their living room television and millions watch them instead of watching cable TV. Let us not forget Internet TV apps that can be found on iPhone and Android and other mobile devices. Right now the audience is huge and the potential even bigger.


So what do I do to get started? The first thing you need to understand is how Internet TV works. Many programmers and web developer think they understand this process. However the truth is they are far from it. Even programmers with extensive background are under false impressions. Many believe that just simply adding videos to a “shared hosting” account is great enough to start a Internet TV channel.


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The components to internet TV channel are as follows. You have a front end that your viewers engages your content. This front end can be a Roku channel, a Firetv Channel, iPhone app, website, android app and so on. However this is what your viewer sees and how they perceive your channel. You then have a back-end that can either be hardware in your office or a control panel online where you upload your video content and schedule your playlists and create Video on Demand categories (like Netflix). However one component that is often overlooked and the most essential is called a CDN or Content Delivery Network. This is typically a data center with hundreds of specially configured computers for video that can deliver your video to hundreds of thousands simultaneously. Without a CDN only one or two people could watch your video at the same time without it crashing and buffering. Just imagine 20 people connected to your own personal computer to watch a video. Your computer would struggle to deliver them all the video. Your computer only has so much processing power. Now imagine on top of that you had those same 20 people trying to connect to your personal computer using your home internet connection. You could not upload that same video to all 20 people at the same time because your computer does not have enough power and your internet connection is not fast enough. This is where a CDN comes in.


So all in all you need the power to both server hundreds of thousands at the same time as well as have professional that can develop your back-end and frond end TV channel for your viewers. This is what we do here at Tvstartup (we have our own CDN). We have packages and templates that can get you up and running right away. This is the best kept secrete because your competition will literally spend hundreds of thousand of dollars to get the same thing we give you in a package deal for just a fraction of what it would take you to develop it yourself. Check out our Internet TV page and look at our packages or checkout our ebook or contact us through our contact page.


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