Thriving in the Ad-pocalypse!

Rising above Demonetization.

Demonetizationthe process wherein content creators are denied paid advertisements in their content, thus denying them revenue and reducing their income from a given platform.

AdpocalypseThe current era of unprecedented demonetization of content creators due to extreme and often unwarranted policy’s.

Say what you will, the Adpocalypse is here.

On second thought, don’t say what you will. You might end your current revenue stream. Your content creations are at risk after all. “Hold on one second” you say. “Can this take place with my channel?” Surely not… right?

I can almost guarantee you that is exactly what David Hoffman thought. He’s a 78-year-old YouTuber who re-purposes content from his decades-long film career. His content was demonetized seemingly out of the blue. The kicker here is, he never received a straight answer as to why. It turns out he had not violated any of YouTube’s many requirements and policies. Months later, his monetization was reinstated but the damage was done. He ultimately lost 1/3 of his income during the demonetization period. It boiled down to an error within the algorithm.

These platform’s flawed demonetization algorithm’s are not helping the situation. To this day, creators are being demonetized for seemingly no legitimate reason.

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The machines are here. Broad, brawly algorithms, bearing authority as “judge and jury” over your content.

There is a fallout taking place. A sort of potential 1984, big brother vibe.

Policy and regulation at it’s ‘not so finest’. Let take a look at some of these in more detail.

Often, you can simply have a title, thumbnail, or description that’s the reason for your videos getting demonetized. Other times, it is likely something in your video that is against the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines. Penalties for profanity is common as per their advertiser guidelines. Even if you aren’t a potty-mouth, you’re in danger. We all slip up sometimes!

If you want to earn revenue and are a channel focused on controversial or disliked topics, you’re out of luck. You don’t have much choice; either look for an alternative source of income or change the topics you cover. Speaking of problematic topics, you can’t really do reaction videos. This is due to murky interpretation of fair use policy, which is why it often gets demonetized.

Politics are always controversial, regardless of what you think, so it pushes creators to avoid the topic altogether to be able to monetize on these platforms.

I know, you see that juicy green monetization icon so you believe your safe. You’re wrong. These platforms have policy and algorithm evolution’s daily, so everything is subject to change. It’s not uncommon for YouTube to go back into old creators’ videos and demonetize them. Even years after their initial upload.

To make matters worse, YouTube is failing to make any recognizable improvement since the adpocalypse began in 2017. To the contrary — YouTube has been the subject to much ridicule . The most frequent complaints aimed at the platform are related to:

  • Unequal enforcement of their policies.
  • Flawed recommendation algorithm.
  • Unfair treatment of some of their creators.
  • Targeted censorship.
  • Unsubstantiated demonetization.
  • Abuse of the DMCA claim system.

Many advertisers are leaving these platforms, which is leading to an even greater shortfall of monetization opportunities.

You need to ask yourself these questions when creating content for a platform that uses demonetizes as a punishment:

  • Do I understand the insecurities of earning revenue from this platform?
  • Am I willing to give up potential income for my hard work?
  • Can I accept the possibility of seeing my career in content creation end?

Remember, on these kind of platforms

You can be demonetized without warning. It can be for saying something others disagree with. For speaking on sensitive subjects. Even by using content the algorithms think you don’t have rights to. You can lose your ad revenue even though you’re within U.S. copyright and intellectual law, simply due to a faulty algorithm. On top of all of this, your ability to dispute the decision to demonetize your channel is laughable.

Just to start monetizing on some of these platforms, you must be up for a certain number of years, have a specific number of viewers, or meet other ever increasing requirements.

By choosing to not go with a platform that punishes with demonetization, you need to still make sure these needs met:

  • The platform should not hinder your ability to monetize.
  • It will keep you up and running despite opposition.
  • It will not accidentally discipline you for content that falls with in the United States copyright and intellectual property laws.
  • The platform should be completely transparent and accessible regarding your content.

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Now you’re armed with the knowledge in order to not only survive, but thrive in this Adpocalypse. If you create content and value your efforts, ensure you are compensated for it. You don’t have to live with such insecurity. You don’t have to cower quietly if fear of violating some opaque rule or regulation. I have a few more techniques I would like to share with you. You can have your own network. Then you will not have to answer to anyone. Come hang out with us on a live demo to start protecting all your hard work, check out the link below.

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