Top 3 OTT White Label Services

OTT White Label Services

With cord-cutting on the rise, over-the-top (c) white label services are making their mark on the digital landscape by changing the way content creators distribute and monetize their videos. OTT white label services allow content creators to control the user experience while growing their audience by vastly improving their reach. Let’s look at the top 3 OTT white label services on the market today.

1 TV Startup

TV Startup offers excellent flexibility so you can have complete control over how your content is presented and monetized. They offer the ability to utilize scheduled playlists for always-on live TV broadcasting, the creation of Netflix-style video on demand (VOD), and live streaming that automatically archives your footage for future distribution purposes. You can even restream your content to social media platforms to access your entire audience from a single content management system.

In terms of monetization, TV Startup delivers on the promise of giving you total control over your content. You can use dynamic ad insertion (DAI), subscription-based access, pay-per-view, or any combination of the above to turn your passion into a lucrative career. Thanks to their analytics tools, it’s easy to maximize your earnings potential and audience growth with TV Startup’s OTT service.

TV Startup offers setup and monthly pricing with the ability to save money by taking advantage of their bundling options for bringing your content to practically any platform. TV Startup offers the best in terms of control over your content and ease of use.

2 IBM Video Streaming

IBM is a giant in the tech industry with a storied history dating back to the early days of the industry itself. The IBM Video Streaming service provides a cloud platform for streaming, hosting videos, and performing analytics.

As you would expect from a tech giant, their service is quite full-featured with things like mobile compatibility, customizable channel pages, and archived broadcasts. Their analytics features are great, but IBM’s Video Streaming service can be a bear to work with thanks to its bloated feature set.

IBM offers a 30-day free trial for its video streaming platform, but it’s more of a training wheels session than anything with its limitations of only 5 concurrent viewers and no ability to test ads during this period. Their pricing structure is fairly rigid and doesn’t allow for any real customization.

3 Muvi

An excellent service, Muvi offers live streaming, video on demand, and audio streaming services. Despite its name, Muvi focuses a little bit more on audio services, but their video services are also quite customizable and feature-packed.

Muvi offers a wide range of monetization tools similar to TV Startup which gives content creators great flexibility when it comes to how they want users to access their product. On the downside, Muvi is definitely not cheap.

Their basic plan starts at $399/month with additional fees tacked on. This plan only allows for 2000 concurrent viewers with higher viewer counts locked behind much more expensive tiers. To access unlimited concurrent users, it’s going to cost a minimum of $8900/month. Their services are great, but their prices can be a bitter pill to swallow for many.


Going OTT is a great way to cut out the middle-man and take complete control over your content distribution and monetization. You can start your own Internet TV network through the use of white label services.

TV Startup offers flexibility and end-to-end control over your content. See for yourself how it works by scheduling a live TV Startup demo. Get in touch with the TV Startup experts today to learn more.