Which Niche is the Best to Start a TV Channel in?

Around the world, there are over 4.26 BILLION TV viewers (both cable and cord-cutting) and this number is only going to increase in the coming years as more TV content moves to the Internet.

So, now is the time to start your very own TV Network if you haven’t already done it. From amazing audiences to great reach and epic revenue, you’re going to get it all if you set up today.

But the real questions you might be asking yourself is, which niche should I start a TV Channel in? What should my videos be about? And what’s the niche that attracts the most viewers?


After developing over 1000 Roku channels and countless more networks on similar platforms like Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV and others, we’ve been in a unique position to research and understood the data related to TV niches, the critical importance of them to a channel or network’s success, and which ones are the best to take part in for new indie TV network owners to become successful.

Before we start learning about the TV channel most suitable for you, it will be beneficial to learn what TV Channel Niches actually are. So, without wasting any time at all, let’s get into it.



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TV Channel Niche: What is it?

A TV Niche or Genre is a style or area of content within the TV Industry that a particular TV Channel explores or specializes in. Many TV Networks also choose to stream content from varying niches but Niche TV channels get more reach for interested audiences and viewers around the world.


When it comes to the U.S alone, over the past 50 years, the Sci-Fi genre has reached a new high. Along with it, the comedy and news niches have also reached new heights and gained a lot of love and popularity around the world.

The most important part of starting out with a TV channel is choosing a TV Channel Niche. Without specifying your area of content interest and outreach, you won’t be able to project your content and market it to the targeted audience. So, it is incredibly essential for the benefit and growth of your channel that you choose a good niche before you start a TV channel.

Most Popular Niches for TV Channels in 2022

Billions of people are watching television every day with many TV genres getting millions of views on primetime. But there are some TV channel niches that are getting tens of millions of views and making serious bank in the first quarter of 2022.

These TV Channel Niches are incredibly popular among the viewers and have a future very bright in terms of success and viewer count. Let’s take a look at a list of the most popular niches for TV Channels in the industry right now, so you can decide which one you want to launch your TV Network in.

1. Educational Content

Udemy and Coursera are some of the streaming platforms that provide educational content creators opportunities to make millions through subscriptions. By creating your own educational content channel, you can develop a subscription-based platform and get tons of audiences, and millions in revenue as well. It is one of the most popular niches and a great place to start your TV channel from.

2. Interview and Talk Shows

Channels that host Morning shows, talk shows, interviews, and other forms of communicative shows that combine elements of news and chatting also attract millions of viewers throughout the 24-hour day. A TV Channel in this niche would also do pretty great, so this could definitely be a potentially successful niche choice for you.

3. TV Series and Serials (Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Drama, etc.)

If Netflix’s astonishing rise and multi-billion-dollar fortune aren’t telling you, TV series, movies, and serials are a huge source of revenue in the TV industry if done well. Whether we’re talking about action, drama, sitcom, or sci-fi shows and movies, if you choose this niche, you’re definitely on the track to getting amazing fame and success.


4. Documentaries and History

It might surprise you to some extent, but documentaries and historic content get a lot of visitors in all kinds of age brackets. So, if you establish a TV Network like History Channel, then with the right content, you’ll be able to bring in tons of viewers and make loads of revenue as well.


5. Animated Content

With anime series and movies on the rise around the world and cartoons as well as poems on YouTube getting multi-billion views, it is very obvious that channels with animated content are doing great. So, if you want to attract tons of viewers, animated content will serve as a great niche.

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Here’s a 5-Step Plan to Effectively Choose Your TV Channel Niche

Are you ready to choose your TV Channel Niche? Well, to help you make that decision effectively, we at TvStartup have made a 5-step plan for you to choose the perfect TV Channel Niche so you can produce great content and get tons of views and exceptional success. Let’s go through these steps together.

Step 1: Find a Niche with a solid following

TV genres and niches are all over the spectrum of audience ratings and the number of viewers. Make sure you pick out a niche that is profitable and popular enough to have an existing following. The following does not have be be the leading trend, but it needs to have a minimum level of popularity and intrigue to attract viewers into your channel which will be tailored to fit the audience in this specific niche. Your viewers will be people who want to watch content and videos in that niche, and you’ll need to establish that there is enough interest in the niche to attract a reasonably sized audience. That’s the first step of becoming successful in your chosen niche.

Step 2: Make sure your chosen niche offers unlimited content ideas

The second step is to make sure that the niche that you’ve picked out offers a lot of variety. Variety, in this case, means that the niche you’re working on offers unlimited content ideas so that you don’t encounter the infamous content block with your TV channel.

Step 3: Pick a Niche that you’re passionate about

As an indie TV Network owner and producer, you’re going to want to step into the niche that you’re passionate about. If you don’t love what you’re creating then you can’t expect audiences to react any different way. So, make sure you’re creating content that interests you.

Step 4: Your Niche Needs to Have Less Competition

This is a good way to gauge yourself on step #1. The niche you’ve chosen needs to be popular among audiences but at the same time, the niche needs to have less competition when it comes to other TV channels. The lesser the competition, the more people will come to your channel and spend more time watching your content, but healthy competition validates the demand for good quality content in your chosen niche.

Step 5: Learn Everything About Your Niche Audience

The Niche that you’ve chosen is going to contain a certain kind of audience and to effectively reach all of the people and be liked by them, you’re going to have to study the niche audiences, their behaviors, what they like and dislike, and how to market content to them. That’s how you’ll reach the top of the industry.

So Which Niche is the Best to Start Your TV Channel?

Typically, choosing a niche that is both popular and filled with loads of content ideas is the one you should pick for your TV Channel but if your marketing strategy is tip-top shape and you have experience industry professionals on your end, going for a multi-niche TV channel production can also be a good choice.

With a TV Channel that covers different topics, you’ll be able to reach many audiences but only if it is done effectively. Otherwise, it could also end up misfiring with your TV Channel not being able to reach the right audience at the right time. So, do think before you take this journey. If you use this approach correctly, your channel can transform in to a network filled with content for multiple niches under one roof.


Now that you know about different niches, what they have to offer, and how their projected future success, you can choose the perfect genre for your TV channel and start your journey to the top of the TV industry food chain.

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