Your Channel Must be ‘Niche’ or Die

I’m going to make a bold statement…

The success of your channel will depend on how niche your content is.

I might sound extreme. Many of you have a goal centered around achieving a large audience. Very large in some cases. So when I say niche, some will buck. It seems counterintuitive. I get it.

The truth is, the only way to get a real audience is by being niche. I will lay down the facts as to why this is true. Then I will show you the steps you need to take to make your channel niche. You will see drastic results after doing these things. Guaranteed.

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For those still unsure as to what niche content is, let me explain.

Niche content is centered around a theme. And it should be tight. A segment of a topic or genre. The more focused, the more niche. Generally, the more niche, the better. Of course, it is possible to be too niche.

Dedicating your channel content around the feeding habits of mealworms? That’s too niche. Remember that you will need to come out with new content every week or two at the minimum.

On the other hand, a channel on ‘everything mealworms’ could easily work. Even a channel on insects could still be niche enough.

Why would you do this?

Honestly, many people naturally do this. They are passionate about a specific subject and enjoy making content associated with it. Believe it or not, it’s rare for someone to have an interest they alone have. There will be like-minded viewers.

But having a niche limits your audience, right?

Well, of course. But we are starting with a pool of about 7 and 1/2 billion people. That global audience consumes about a billion hours of content daily on YouTube alone. If we counted all the streaming platforms and their hours, it would be astronomical.

Remember, if you are interested in a subject, likely so are numerous others.

So why does being niche equal success?

Because there are boatloads of channels. What will make yours different enough to be seen amidst the crowd? Your niche.

This will be what sets you apart, allowing other like-minded individuals to find you. Niche is what makes you unique.

This means you need to make sure the greatest portion of your content is focused on a theme. Do not just upload random videos and hope for the best.

Every video needs to have a purpose and be made with intent.

A single concept. Entertainment is not a theme. Your focus should be tighter than a genre such as comedy or drama. These are still too general. You need to focus on a topic, or subtopic, and style.

Lighthearted SFX films. Serious indy projects. Intense boxing coverage. Engaging painting tutorials. New pop music. Your topic should be steadfast but your style can swing a bit. That’s fine.

The point is for you to create a consistent experience. This assures your audience that they know what they’re getting. Doing this ensures they will be back.

You must give viewers a reason to choose you over the rest.

First, you must know who your audience is. Produce the right video content for your target audience, then you will have their loyalty. It is far better for you to have 1000 loyal viewers rather than a million mildly entertained ones.

Loyal viewers are willing to shell out 10 dollars a month. Mildly entertained comes a dime a dozen. Basic math tells you that’s not worth a cent.

After you decide on your niche, start connecting with your audience.

Be proactive, especially in the beginning. This way, you can start tailoring content to what they like.

This does not mean you are relinquishing your creative control to your viewership. They are watching you because you are doing something they connect with. You are figuring out what part of your style/content is connecting the most.

I’ve recently seen an example of a lady who owns a channel solely to teach scrapbooking. She gained 17,000 subscribers in under two years.

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Steps for creating a niche channel:

  • Pick a niche. Making your channel unique.
  • Identify your interested audience.
  • Create content with your niche audience in mind.

This is the basic formula. There is a lot more to running your channel. We will be covering all the angles you will need to be mindful of in the future. Things like marketing, monetizing, production…the list is long.

The list is also useless until you can distinguish yourself from everyone else. Your niche is the first major decision you should make concerning production. Everything else branches from here.

The channels that set themselves apart will succeed.

The channels creating content that can not be seen elsewhere. The channel with a loyal viewership. These are the channels not shaken despite whoever is wading in the pool. Remember, your niche is the foundation of your channel.

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