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Do only the rich and famous get their own TV show? Well they did not start out rich and famous. They started out the way you are now, with a dream. People that fail to realize their dreams do so because they change their mind about perusing their dreams because they just do not believe it will work. People listen to other people shoot their dreams down, instead people should be working to accomplish them. TV viewers are always looking for new shows and personalities to tune in and watch, and that can be you! Just don’t give up!

Starting your own TV show can be challenging but it is absolutely possible. For the most part sending a proposal to a producer would be my last choice. Producers get flooded with ideas, and probably will never even get to read your proposal. There are a few excellent alternatives that can accomplish with a small budget of about $10,000 to put your own show on the air sooner than you think. However do not get the wrong impression, if you have no money, you have no show. It costs money to air, film and produce your own show.

To give you a brief perspective you can buy a 30 min time slot for cheaper than your probably thought. Most of the time shows are started locally or regionally. This will allow you to get on the air for an affordable price and get a time slot more desirable for your viewers. However if you are wanting to start out nationally it is much more expensive to get started. Nationally you will not be able to start out in prime time unless you are with a less known channel, or you pay big bucks. Many TV shows have started on late night, and on less known channels, and as they grew in popularity were paid big money to move to prime time. This could be you if you have a show that people want to see. That is the bottom line of course is to get people interested in your show. Once you own a 30 min block of space, then you start to sell advertising to recoup the cost that you just paid for the 30 min slot. The great thing is that you can pay buy your slot months in advance which give you time to sell your own commercial space, and prepare for your first show. Since you bought 30 min at huge discount per min, you can sell probably 7 or 8 min of advertising at a profit and recoup the cost. However, even though we can get you on the air, and make the numbers work, if no one likes your show then it will be hard to stay on the air. If your show is a hit your advertisers will become repeat customer, and will allow you to stay on the air. You can continue this same process weekly, and as your show grows in popularity you will end up making allot of money.

This is what you will need to decide in order to have your own show.

1. Are you trying to start nationally, international, regional or local show?

2. How do you plan to make money to support your show? In other words are you going to sell a product on your show similar to an infomercial, or are you going to rely on advertisers to buy commercial space from you.

3. Do you have a channel in mind that you would like to air on?

4. Determine your budget. To start a show you will at least need $10,000 in order to get started.

5. Do you already have the necessary team and equipment in order to produce your idea? If you do not then you may want to look at getting studio time. There are ways in which you can secure this relatively inexpensive.

There are some legal restrictions, and non-compete agreements that some stations will make you to abide by. There are many ends and outs, and you can easily be sued if you are not careful. If you are interested in making your own TV show let us know, and we can help you get on the air, and stay on.

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