YouTuber’s Struggle – Study Shows

The road to YouTube Success is long and hard. Although we have all heard the glamorous stories of 10 year old’s becoming millionaires and rags to riches gamer’s earning millions per year, however its a much different story for the average YouTuber.

In fact Bloomberg recently released a story which shows that 96.5% of YouTubers wont make enough money through advertising to even break past the poverty line. With all of YouTube’s content restrictions and regulations on top of their extremely low revenue sharing its no wonder why so many YouTubers are struggling. In fact YouTube has been removing content from its platform at the requests of its advertisers aggravating many creators and viewers alike.

With YouTube’s lack of earning potential, and tighter restrictions on creativity of video content, has been a very key factor in driving people away from the platform and toward companies like TvStartup.

TvStartup’s platform allow users to create entire business models around their existing video content – viewers can pay subscriptions to access their video content – just like Netflix. This allows content creators to create an entire career outside of YouTube platform. TvStartup acts as a tool to your business instead of trying to control your entire business (something YouTube is famous for).

This is why TvStartup offers video creators add-on platforms like their own Netflix style website with payment management, connected TV app creation (Roku, FireTV, Apple TV, and Smart TV’s) as well as social media broadcasting tools. This gives content creators the assets they need to take complete control of their video business. Audiences are expanding everyday outside of cable and satellite subscription and now video creators can get a piece of the pie without begging YouTube for the crumbs.

YouTube is already loosing viewers due content restrictions, leaving viewers going elsewhere to seek the content that they cant find on YouTube. However viewers are not the only people its loosing – its loosing many content creators.

New research has brought some depressing facts to light about those trying to make a living as a YouTuber. Research done by Mathias Bartl, a professor at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany, reveals the hardship of YouTubers;

  • – 96.5% of YouTubers make less than poverty
  •  only 3% of the most-watched channels brings in ad revenue of about $16,800 a year
    (and that’s despite the top 3% getting 1.4 million viewers per month on average).
  • The top 1% of YouTubers will get on average from 2.2 million Views to 42.1 million views.

The bottom line is millions of views does not equal lots of money, in fact for the majority, it still equals poverty. YouTuber millionaires are far and few between and the ones that did make it most got big while YouTube was growing and before YouTube’s new content restriction rules.

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