Launching your own Internet TV network
is as easy as 1-2-3

Every type of TV Network is powered by the same core component: 

You must have the ability to control, organize, manipulate and distribute video 

content, giving you full control of your online TV network.

I would like to let you in on a secret equation:

Video Control + Video Library + Distribution = TV Network

 Let me introduce you to our “Channel Manager” that we have designed

 from the ground up to account for each of these varibles:

  • Create and organize multiple Playlists
  • Schedule Playlists hours, days, weeks or months in advance
  • Automatically record Live broadcasts
  • Video-On-Demand
  • Set custom video titles, descriptions and thumbnails
  • Video Uploading with Automatic Encoding
  • Analytics Tracking for Traffic and Viewers
  • Interrupt Playlists with Live broadcasts
  • Simultaneously broadcast across Facebook, YouTube, Periscope

So what's your next step? 

Schedule a Live Demo to see first hand what our Channel Manager has to offer:

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